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    Polly Whitney

    Post your thoughts and opinions. Whatever you’re thinking about writing. If I were to post here, probably I’d poll the delegation about best written works of this century. And I’d write that the best novel of the 21st century is LIFE AFTER LIFE by Kate Atkinson. I feel strongly about Atkinson and would love to know if anyone else is reading her or lives next door to her or (gasp!) dislikes her and thinks she did not deserve the Whitbread Prize. Which writers should be our new role models?

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    Taste is a funny thing. I downloaded the Kindle sample of Life after Life and didn’t care for it. Can’t say why, exactly. It was a quick rejection :o) What I look for is language and attitude that please. I think she seemed to walk a little too self-consciously for my liking. Different strokes.

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    Polly Whitney

    I would never, I hope, spoil a book for someone. But let me just say that she earned the ending of LIFE AFTER LIFE: a perfect sentence that has stayed with me. It just blew me away.
    I did not know where I was being led, but I was delighted when I got there.

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