Writers: A Room of Our Own

by Polly Whitney

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    Polly Whitney

    I know some of the answers, having worked with many kids on this kind of authorship. I think many writers have insights that can help a student who’s up against this green and yellow blob waiting to destroy her hopes and dreams.
    I think we need to develop this section of KABOOMOFOUROWN together, to preserve student privacy, to ensure against unethical interference, at least to give a blocked student a way to begin. We might get to the point where we can help with the entire essay, once it’s written, but many ethical questions surround tutorialism. If we begin with good intentions and open minds and deep understanding of intellectual property, we can help you make progress.
    I have a story about one of my students who was stuck, unable even to THINK of a topic for his college essay. When he finally came up with a compelling idea, I had to shut him down for his own good. If anyone has a problematic topic, you might care to hear that story.

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